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Why I paint?

It was not my profession. It was a dream. But now it became something that I live.

Painting for me - it is to be in “present”, in “now”.

In the difficult moments of my life, I tried to unwind with the help of cinema, shopping, walking and reading books. At some point it ceased to satisfy. Something was missing. And there was something unspoken, undefined. Something had to be shown. And I went on a long journey.

Strong inner issue will necessarily lead to the answer. Painting became for me the process of creation something new on a plane of the canvas or paper.

Give image to feelings, expression of images, the artwork like meditation, the practice of concentration and observation - all in a painting.

Painting is a meditative process, blowing from the routine to the only moment - "now", in spontaneous presence.

The picture can convey emotions, immerse in the state, can tell a story and stop at the moment when the final will see and read the viewer.

It is important to discard the fear and prejudice, fear of spoil materials, fear that painting will not came out, or no one will like it. All this prevents us to do. We think too much instead of just doing what we want, instead of just disclose what we saw inside, saw by heart. We are so convinced of our failure to even begin to do. At the same time there is desire to draw it out. What to do?


Just start. Just draw. Despite everything. Not thinking about the result. Just draw, defeating your fears. Challenge yourself! Do not be afraid to changes come into your life. It will only enrich you and make your life brighter.